Bruce S. Kershner Art Gallery

Current Exhibit: Pixelated Perspectives

The Bruce S. Kershner Gallery in the Fairfield Public Library invites the public to the reception for “Pixelated Perspectives” on Thursday, June 13 at 5:30 to 7:30 pm. This features digital art by Peach Pair, Noah Laurent, Mark Hannon, and Gene Moore. The artists will talk about their work at 6 pm. The show can be seen from June 8 to July 27 during library hours.

Noah Laurent is a researcher and artist who recently attained his Master’s in Humanities from California State University – Northridge. Having been a member of The Black Rock Arts Guild (BRAG) since 2019, Noah has shown in various locations around southern Connecticut, such as The Kershner Gallery, The Burroughs Community Center, and The NEST Arts Factory.

Noah says he aims to build experiences through his art that draw the viewer into a state of reflection and encourage new dialogue surrounding existential themes of self, technology, and nature.

Peach Pair is an untrained Westport digital artist with degrees in music and  psychology. She has lived in Canada, Denmark, Germany, France and England.  She works on major international events at the Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C. She is also the founder of a Buddhist foundation associated with a temple in Japan. She says Buddhism and Music are integrated in her work, “informing its lyricism, heart and texture.

Peach has shown her work in group and solo shows in Italy, New York, Florida, New Jersey, California, Nebraska, and area towns in Connecticut. She has also won awards, Her works are included in collections in the U.S., Japan, Europe, including The American Embassy in Rome, Italy. Her artwork, “Bleeding Hearts” appeared in Universal Signs, a Hollywood feature film.

Peach says, “An adventurer by nature, upon graduating from University I hitchhiked across Canada… Perhaps it is my sense of adventure that has drawn me to digital art. …I take pleasure in the challenge of creating something organic, expressive, comforting, and painterly out of something wholly inorganic and insentient to achieve a graceful pas de deux between technology and fine art. I begin with a “blank canvas” – not a photograph – and draw with a mouse—not a stylus; often making use of organic substances: tree bark, leaves, shells etc., which I scan to add texture and dimension. My intention is to create “orchid-room friends”- a positive, comforting influence – for the viewer. My artistic endeavor is a necessary expression of my soul. What is within, is made visible without. By using this technology as my medium, I attempt to prove that there is no separation between the hand that creates and the heart that informs and motivates it.”

Gene Moore is an artist, musician, and a human rights activist in DanburyHe is showing a select collection of works created in the past ten years using  pen/pencil, paint and a digital format.

Gene says, “Besides science fiction, country and cityscapes, I draw inspiration from the world of music particularly from the experimental, psychedelic rock and free jazz movement i.e. Ornette Coleman, Bill Dixon, John Cage etc. Typically I put on music that fits the particular piece I’m working on.”

Mark Hannon is the current president of the Arts Alliance in Stratford. His digital art works have been shown in numerous area galleries, as he wishes to share.his creations with a wide audience.

Mark likes the digital medium for its “convenience, cleanliness,and control, as well as the ability to undo and correct mistakes with a simple click.” This provides him “an unparalleled freedom to experiment, iterate, and perfect the work” and bring  his visions “to life with precision and finesse.”

Volunteers Welcome

Volunteers are welcome to assist in the gallery operation.  Tasks include curating exhibits, selecting artists, attending monthly meetings, helping with opening receptions, and other various administrative tasks.  Art experience preferred for curating and selecting artists.  Please contact Liz Tardif, Gallery Manager, at 203-246-9065.

Click here for information about showing your work in our gallery (.pdf). Information pamphlets are also available in the gallery at the library.