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Thank you for your interest in the meeting rooms at the Fairfield Public Library. Meeting rooms may be viewed by appointment only, regardless of reservation status. We are unable to accommodate drop-in visits to view the room. Please email to schedule your appointment.

Click here for a brief description and pictures of the meeting rooms.

Study Rooms are NOT part of this system. Click here to book a study room.



The facilities and the meeting rooms of the Fairfield Public Library are under the supervision of the Library Board of Trustees. Subject to the Board’s discretion, the meeting rooms may be used on the following basis:

  • No admission fees, donations, fees for refreshments or any other charge may be made. The Friends of Fairfield Public Library may charge admission to their programs in order to raise money for the Library.
  • Groups must provide a telephone number for the attendees to contact them for information.
  • The Library does not publicize non-Library events and the Library telephone number may not be used for non-Library events. Outside groups are responsible for their own publicity. Your rental is for the use of the space. No signage may be posted in the library lobby or the hallways.
  • Publicity should not give the impression that the Library is a sponsor of the meeting.
  • Only Library-sponsored programs are listed on the Fairfield Public Library events calendar.
  • Cost of police or fire protection, if deemed necessary by the Town Librarian, will be paid by the user.
  • Please support the mission of the Fairfield Public Library by keeping all business transactions outside of the Library. Sale and/or solicitations are not permitted although a performer/lecturer may sell books, CDs, or other products that relate to the presented program.
  • Clean up is the responsibility of the user. A $50 cleaning fee will be charged if the room is not left in clean and orderly condition. If there are spills or stains to carpet or furnishings, additional cleaning charges may be incurred.
  • Users are expected to vacate rooms at the scheduled time. The same room may be used by several groups on one day and your cooperation is essential.
  • Groups must vacate the library 15 minutes before the library’s regular closing time.
  • The Library buildings are completely smoke free.

Please also see our Facility Use Policy.


  • A community group, not-for-profit organization (501 c 3), civic group, Fairfield home owners association, commercial organization or Town Department, Board or Commission may use the room for a public or private meeting a maximum of once per month.
  • If the meeting is not co-sponsored by the Library, the organization using the room MUST be clearly identified as the sponsor in all publicity.
  • Gatherings of a purely social nature, religious or overt political campaigning are not allowed.


  • Light refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages may be served in the library meeting rooms. The Library is not a catering facility. The user is responsible for providing the necessary cups, plates, napkins, etc. for refreshments.
  • The room and kitchen must be left neat and clean. A fee may be assessed by Town Librarian if the room and equipment are not left as found.


  • The Library will provide only a basic setup of the room within the limits of the equipment specified for use in each room. Equipment must be reserved at the time the room is reserved. At this time, there is no charge for the use of meeting room equipment. Laptops are not provided by the Library.
  • The library cannot provide staff to operate equipment. The Library does not provide technology assistance. No IT support is provided by Library staff. There are binders for each room with instructions, including troubleshooting. Please plan accordingly. If you want to use one of our projectors, you need to bring a laptop. Our projectors have HDMI and VGA connections. If your device doesn’t have either of those, you will need to bring an adapter.
  • All additional equipment not specified in the schedule must be provided by the user and removed promptly following the meeting. The library is not responsible for equipment or material owned by a group or individual using library facilities. Equipment and materials owned by others may not be stored in the library.


The Library maintains its facilities primarily for Library-related programs. The programs may be sponsored or co-sponsored by the Library in order to further its mission of providing informational, educational, cultural and recreational opportunities to our community. Due to the inner Library programming process, rooms may be booked according to this schedule.

For Room Rentals In Rooms Become Available to the Public
January December 1
February January 1
March February 1
April March 1
May April 1
June May 1
July June 1
August July 1
September August 1
October September 1
November October 1
December November 1



Reservation requests must be made online.

  • Reservations will be accepted in accordance with the booking schedule above and must be made no later than 14 days before the meeting through this online reservation system.
  • Purpose of the meeting should be stated at time of reservation and a fee will be established.
  • Priority will be given first to Library and Friends of the Library sponsored programs.
  • You will only have access to the room for the period reserved and paid for. Your reservation does not include viewing or practice use of the rooms at another time.


Library meeting rooms are available for public use as indicated below. They are available on a first-come basis and are available after the Library has booked their upcoming programming. When scheduling, keep in mind that rooms are NOT available prior to library opening time, including set-up time.

  • Main Library, 1080 Old Post Road, Fairfield, Connecticut 06824 has three rooms: the Annie B. Jennings Room, the Memorial Room, the Rotary Room.

More detailed information about the rooms, including room capacity, setup options and available equipment, can be found in the room reservation system.


  • Payment must be made online with a credit or debit card once your request has been approved. All room reservations must be fully paid 2 weeks prior to the event. If your payment is not received at least 2 weeks before the reservation date, your reservation may be cancelled.
  • No fee is charged for use by the Library or other Fairfield Town Department, Board or Commission, the Friends of Fairfield Public Library, local book clubs or any organization whose program is co-sponsored by the Library.
  • Fees are listed in this chart:

Fairfield Resident/Business Rate

First 2 hours

Non-Fairfield Resident/Business Rate

First 2 hours

Nonprofit Organization Rate – 501(c)(3) Number Required

First 2 hours

Per Hour

After First 2 Hours

MAIN: Annie B. Jennings Room





MAIN: Memorial Room





MAIN: Rotary Room






A cancellation fee will be charged if the reservation is cancelled within three weeks of the meeting. That fee will be 50% of the room fee charged. If cancelled on the meeting day, the full fee will be collected. If the Library is closed due to weather issues or other reasons, a refund or credit will be processed.


The Town of Fairfield, Fairfield Public Library, The Library Board of Trustees, the Town Librarian, employees and volunteers assume no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage of any property of any group or individual using the Library meeting rooms and, in addition, assume no responsibility for the personal injury (including death) of any individual using the meeting rooms unless such property damage or personal injury is directly caused by the sole negligence or intentional tort of the Fairfield Public Library or its representatives. Groups that fail to comply with these rules may be denied use of the meeting rooms.

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