Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Tech in Children’s Services.

Do you have E-Books?

Yes! The Library has an extensive selection of digital books available for loan through our Overdrive  digital library and media console. Just download the Libby app to begin. There are both audio and e-book titles that can be played on a wide range of devices including iPads, Kindle and many more. Check out this amazing resource! For complete help and instructions click here .

Do you have an iPad we can use?

Yes! The Main and the Branch Library have iPads available for in-house use. Recommended use is for children ages 3+. They are pre-loaded with educational and entertainment apps.

Do you have a Kindle we can borrow?

Yes! Both the Main Library and the Branch have Kindles for patrons to take home and borrow. These devices are pre-loaded with over 25 great books. The Kindles do have parental controls and they do not have internet access. To check availability click here to search our catalog for “Kindle for Kids”. The loan period is 14 days.

Do you have computers my children can use?

Yes! Both Main Library and the Branch Library have desktop computers that kids of all ages can use for a variety of things.  We have computers for older kids to access the internet for homework, games or whatever interests them. A children’s library card is required to log on for a 30-minute session.

* Guest passes are available, but we encourage all Fairfield residents to get their own Library Card! *

We also have AWE Early Literacy Stations  for younger children ages 2-6.  These desktop computers are pre-loaded with age appropriate games. They have touch screen capabilities, speakers and child safe web browsing.

* Guest passes are available, but we encourage all Fairfield residents to get their own Library Card! *

Do you use a filter for kids’ internet searching?

Yes. We do use a state-wide child safe browser on our computers. It allows children to safely explore resources on the Internet.  If you want one at home try the The ELF Child-Safe Browser. With ELF, children can only visit sites that are appropriate and educational on a secure network managed by AWE (Advanced Workstations in Education). It’s easy to install, easy to use, safe for young kids and free to the public  Download it now.

Can adults use the computers in the Children’s Library?

The Main Library Children’s Department has just one desktop computer especially for use by adults who are accompanied by a child in the Kiwanis Parent-Teacher room. An adult library card is required to log on for a 30-minute session.
* Guest passes are available, but we encourage all Fairfield residents to get their own Library Card! *

What are PlayAway Views?

PlayAways Views are all-in-one portable video players! Watch pre-loaded videos on the go.  These easy to use hand-held players are for children of all ages. Watch fun short stories or educational non-fiction. 7 day loan period.

What is PlayAway Audio?

Playaway Audios are pre-loaded and portable audiobooks. They’re an easy way to listen to books on the go! Each device comes with a great book pre-loaded and batteries are included. No downloading required. You just provide earphones and enjoy!

What are PlayAway Views and PlayAway Launchpads?

Playaway Views are pre-loaded and portable video players with short, animated films based on well-known books for children. Each device comes with a great pre-loaded with several short films and a charger is included. PlayAway LaunchPads are small, durable tablets pre-loaded with education games and apps. No downloading required.

What are littleBits and can we borrow them?

littleBit Kits are easy-to-use magnetic circuits that can be use to create, craft and design. littleBit Kits may be checked out with a valid Fairfield library card for 7 days with up to 2 renewals. Only one kit may be checked-out per an Adult card at a time. littleBit Kits must be checked out and returned at the Children’s Desk.

 Do you have a printer and copy machine?

Yes. Printer – The Children’s Library has a black/white and color printer. Black and white prints cost $0.10/page and color prints cost $0.50/page.
Copy Machine – The Children’s Library has a B&W copy machine. Copies cost $0.10/page.

Is Wireless Available?

The library’s wireless (wifi) network extends to the Children’s Library. There is no password needed and the network is called “Library-Wifi”.

What are AWE Stations?

Both locations have two AWE Stations: The Early Literacy Station and the Afterschool Edge.

The Early Literacy Station is an all-in-one digital learning computer. More than 60 educational software titles spanning seven curricular areas are preloaded onto this computer. Recommended ages are 2 – 6 years old.

The Afterschool Edge: Specifically designed for students in grades K-5, this all-in-one computer is preloaded with over 50 educational software titles, from STEM topics to reading and math to reference and the arts.