Tax Forms and Tax Help – 2021

tax day

Get Ready to File!

Visit the IRS guide on how to prepare to file your 2020 tax return.

See the State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services fact and information sheet on tax forms and how to file CT state taxes. Request CT State Tax Forms and Booklets here.

Looking for tax forms?

You can visit the following sites below to get all the tax forms you need:

Internal Revenue Service (
Internal Revenue Service – Instruction Booklets

Request CT State Tax Forms and Booklets here
CT Department of Revenue (

Federation of Tax Administrators (



Need help filing your taxes? VITA has gone VIRTUAL!

VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) is 100% virtual.

There are two ways VITA can help you this year.

  1. 100% virtual: This method requires a phone that can take pictures of your documents or a scanner at home. Fill out your information and VITA will contact you to begin tax prep. Start here:
  2. Make a 20-minute appointment to have a VITA counselor scan your documents in person. You must have all your tax documents ready before you make an appointment. Book an appointment at the library using this link: Fairfield Public Library scanning appointments are Tuesday and Thursday from 2-4pm and 5-7pm weekly. You must have an appointment before you come to the library.

Sign up for VITA Tax Preparation and Assistance.

For questions about Virtual Vita, please visit:

If you need assistance uploading your IDs and tax documents, you may book an appointment at the library to scan your items using this link:

Get started virtually with VITA:
By clicking on the link below you are leaving the Fairfield Public Library’s website. You are submitting your personal information at your own risk, and the library and Town of Fairfield is not liable for the security of your personal information. 

Sign up for VITA Tax Preparation and Assistance.