Teen Summer Challenge 2024

June 12 through August 10, 2024

Find your inner detective this summer at the library! Last summer you cast your votes and our new library mascot is now the fox! This summer we will solve a few mysteries… what is our mascot’s name? What do they like to read? And of course – what will YOU read this summer?! What stories captivate you? Will you try something new? Solve the mysteries and explore all the genres storytelling has to offer this summer!

Read, write book reviews, attend events, and complete bonus activities to earn points and reach your goal this year! Browse the Badges area to find your point goals and extra activities to stay engaged this summer. All virtual badges unlock tickets for Grand Prizes. When you unlock a points badge, visit the library to pick up your next milestone sticker.

Prizes for point badges along the way include a custom What Does the Fox Read Journal, stickers, brag tags, free book, an FPL fox book lightand, and for those reaching the bonus 1,500 points level – an FPL plush fox!

You will also be accumulating digital raffle tickets at each points badge for our jam-packed finale prize basket raffles. 

Registration for the challenge will be available on May 20th.

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