Loan Periods, Fines, & Automatic Renewals

Loan Periods & Fines

See the chart below for loan periods and fine amounts accrued per day after the item’s due date. Fines may be paid in person with cash or check, or on your online account using PayPal. The library does not charge fees or fines for days we are closed.


Renewals are automatic for non-Express Books, non-Express DVDs, Audio, Magazines, and Adult Launchpads which do not have holds for another patron. These items will be renewed twice unless the item is on hold. Please see the chart below for full information.

How Automatic Renewal Works

As of mid-April 2024, the library will be processing automatic renewals for all eligible items. See the chart below for a list of which material types are or are not eligible.

On the day an item is due, the system will attempt to renew each item for you. If the item does not allow renewals, has already been renewed twice or another patron placed a hold on the item, it will not be renewed.

Email Notices – If you have a valid email address in your library account, when the automatic renewal occurs, the system will email you to let you know which items were, or were not, renewed. Any items that were not renewed are still due that day. Any items that were renewed will show the new due date in the email notice.

Text Message Notices – If there is a valid cell phone number in your library account that we can send text message notices to, you will only be notified via text message if an item could not be renewed. That notice will be delivered around 8:00 am on the day the item is due as a courtesy reminder. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to communicate what was or was not renewed via text message notices.

Reminder NoticesReminder notices will no longer be sent the day before an item is due. The only reminders now are via email and/or text message the day an item is due. Please be sure to check your account regularly. The borrower is still responsible for returning items on time.

If your account does not have a valid email address or a cell phone number, we will still attempt to renew eligible items for you. However, we will be unable to notify you. You will have to check your account regularly and be sure items are returned on time.

The library strongly recommends you keep a valid email address in your library account so you can be notified of automatic renewals without having to check your account in the catalog.

Material type

Loan Period (days)

(per day)

Holds Allowed

Renewals Allowed

Borrowing Limits

1,000 Books Backpacks 21 $1.65 No No Limit 2 per card
Audio (CDs, CD Books, and Playaways) 21 $0.15 Yes Yes
Board Games & Puzzles 14 $1.00 No No Limit 2 per card
Books 21 $0.15 Yes Yes
Books – New 14 $0.15 Yes Yes
Books – Express 7 $0.20 No No
DVDs – Entertainment & Nonfiction 7 $1.00 Yes Yes
DVDs – Express 3 $1.00 No No Limit 2 per card
Interlibrary Loan Varies
(7-21 Days)
$1.00 No No Limit 5 active requests per card
Launch Pads – Adult 14 $1.00 Yes Yes
Launch Pads – Children 7 $1.00 Yes Yes
Magazines 7 $0.15 Yes Yes
Memory Kits 14 $1.00 No No
Museum Passes 3 $10.00 No No Limit 2 per card
STEAM Collection 7 $1.00 No By special request only Limit 1 per family
Video Games 7 $1.00 No No Limit 2 per card