Book Recommendations

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Ages 0-5

Even the youngest babies need books! Reading to your baby stimulates language development and comprehension. Even if your little one wants to chew on the pages, the cadence of words and how they are put together will assist your child in his/her learning as she grows. And, when comprehension and attention span has increased in the toddler years, you can share longer stories together.

Books for Babies: A list of recommended titles for the little ones aged 0-18 months. (2023)

Terrific for Toddlers: Lively, fun, and energetic books for children 18-24 months. (2023)

Picture Perfect: Check out these great picture books to read aloud or one-on-one. (2023)

Grades K & 1

These books are aimed at beginning and newly independent readers. Repetition and common story elements are introduced and reinforced to facilitate understanding.

Books to Start–Emergent Readers: Books for very beginning readers. (2023)

Books to Share & Read Aloud Gr. K-1: Check out these books for those learning to read but who still love sharing a book! (2023)

Best of for Gr. K-1: Our favorites from 2022/2023.

Familiar Faces: Favorite Series for Gr. 1-3 (2023)

Grades 2 & 3

Best of for Gr. 2-3: Our favorites from 2022/2023.

Explore other Worlds: Sci-fi and Fantasy (2023)

Follow the Clues (mysteries for Gr .2-3): Mysteries (2023)

Need a Laugh: Funny Books (2023)

Read Alouds for Gr. 2-3: Books to share and read aloud. (2023)

Grades 4 & 5

Scary Stories:: Suspenseful Tales (2023)

Best of for Gr. 4 & 5: Our favorites from 2022/20223.

Read Alouds for Gr. 4 & 5 (2023)

Realistic (2023)

Funny (2023)

Robes & Robots: Sci-fi & Fantasy (2023)

Scene of the Crime: Mysteries (2023)

Score!: Sports Stories (2023)

Survival and Adventure (2023)

Travel Back in Time: Historical Fiction (2023)

Other Booklists

Road Trip Reading Audiobooks: Are you looking for some recommendations on audiobooks for the family? Look no further! (2023)

Tween ReadsUpstairs in the Children’s Room? Or downstairs in Teens? These books are for “tweens.” (2023)

Award-Winning Books

Nutmeg Award: Connecticut’s State Book Award for children.

Newbery Medal Winners Most distinguished children’s book of the year. Awarded by the Association for Library Services to Children.

Caldecott Medal Winners: Most distinguished picture book of the year. Awarded by the Association for Library Services to Children.