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The need for additional onsite Main Library parking is a long standing patron request.

Update 10/2/2019:

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Statement issued by the Board of Trustees of the Fairfield Public Library regarding Main Library Parking Expansion Proposal (also referred to as 1020 Old Post Road)
October 2, 2019

As the governing body of the Fairfield Public Library, the Board of Library Trustees oversees the operations and property of the Fairfield Public Library, which includes the Main Library and the Woods Branch Library. Maximizing the Library’s physical space is always a strategic priority, however expanding the parking lot was not something considered possible by the Trustees, given the physical land and cost restraints of where the Main Library is located.

When presented with the chance to expand the Main Library’s parking lot, the Trustees saw a unique opportunity that required careful and thoughtful consideration.

At a special meeting on October 1, the Trustees unanimously voted to support the Town of Fairfield’s purchase of the back half of the lot at 1020 Old Post Road for the expansion of the Main Library’s parking lot. The Trustees also unanimously voted to fund up to $450,000 for the Town to construct a new lot and improve upon the existing lot, assuming the sale of the front half of the lot. The funding is to be withdrawn from the Trustees’ endowment over a 20-year period. The parking lot will be built and maintained by the Town. Thanks to the prudent management of the endowment by previous Trustees, the Trustees are financially able to support this project that has been a constant concern since the Main Library’s last major renovation in 2005. The amount the Trustees agreed to fund is based on:

*   what the Trustees believe to be the value of the lot
*   restrictions on the Trustees’ endowment
*   being mindful of future capital projects for the Fairfield Public Library

The project addresses a longstanding need by many of the Library’s patrons, staff and Town of Fairfield residents, alleviating congestion on the street and in the current lot and providing a safe place to park, especially for young families and seniors. The Trustees are assured by the Town the historical significance and character of the area will be maintained. The Trustees believe this is a long-term investment in the Fairfield community, as the role of the library continues to evolve beyond books, and more and more patrons of all ages rely on the library to expand their horizons, learn new skills, find a job, volunteer or just be social.

The Trustees are grateful for the support of the patrons, residents, Town bodies and entire Fairfield community to make this project a reality. The Trustees assure the residents and Town of its commitment to continue to make the Fairfield Public Library integral to what makes Fairfield a unique and desirable place to live, work and play.

Sonal Rajan, Chair
Christina McGowan, Secretary
Chris Rogers, Treasurer
Duncan Banfield
David Gray

Update 10/1/2019:

Library Parking Expansion Proposal
Wednesday, October 2, 2019, 5:00 pm
first floor conference room of Sullivan Independence Hall

Updated Information Packet

The town offered a plan to expand library parking at the Board of Selectmen meeting on Wednesday 9/18, listed as 1020 Old Post Road (Item 8) on their agenda. The topic now moves on to Town Plan and Zoning Commission.


Update 9/24/2019:


McKinley Elementary School
Fairfield, Connecticut 06824



Board of Selectmen Information

Below is a link to the BOS Board Packet (9/18/19) for Item 8 and the recording of the 9/18/19 meeting. All are also available via the town website.

Board of Selectmen 9/18/19 Packet Item 8 – 1020 Old Post Road:

Board of Selectmen Meeting 9/18/19 on YouTube: