Adult Reading Challenge



Let’s have some fun and read together! Fairfield Public Library is excited to introduce a year-long adult reading challenge for 2024. Join in to explore different genres, discover new authors and be entered to win prizes! To complete the challenge, read just one book in each category by midnight on December 31st, 2024.

All registrants will receive a customized FPL reading log. As a bonus, every month that you participate you will be entered into a monthly raffle for a $50 gift card to a local Fairfield business.

Register SOON and start logging!

Complete one book per month in that month’s genre. The format will be the same for every month with a new genre each month to help expand your reading. These are the genres for each month:

January 2024 – Award Winners – If it won an award somewhere, it counts!
February 2024Authentic Voices – Indigenous and BIPOC authors and topics.
March 2024College Town – Books that involve colleges, campuses or college students.
April 2024Gilded Age – Books set in the late 1800s or books about the Gilded Age.
May 2024Flower Power – Books about gardening or with garden themes.
June 2024- The Great Outdoors – Think outside the house!
July 2024 – Beach, Please! – Anything sun, sand or surf.
August 2024 – Podcast Picks – Any book mentioned in FPL’s What are You Reading podcast.
September 2024 – Face Books – Biographies, memoirs, or any book with a face on the cover.
October 2024 – Once Upon a Crime – Mysteries, horror, thrillers, crime.
November 2024 – New York, New York – Any book that mentions the city or the state.
December 2024 – Cozy Holiday – Cozy holiday novels and mysteries, holiday crafts or cookbooks.

Up for more of a challenge?! Every month read 4 more books in the genre to get an additional raffle ticket for the monthly drawing! Decide which level you wish to achieve, read the required number of books each month and redeem your prize in December! Prizes are not cumulative. One prize, per person.

The 3 reading activities are as follows:

  1. Read the genre book and record it in Beanstack. This will fulfill the bookmark requirement. If you read a book in each genre every month from January to December 2024 for a total of 12 books this will fulfill the key chain requirement.
  2. Read the genre book along with 4 other genre titles and record them in Beanstack. If you continue to read 5 books in each genre every month from January to December 2024 for a total of 60 books, this will fulfill the customized tote bag requirement.

When all 12 months are completed you will earn bragging rights and a digital finisher’s badge. Let’s have some fun!!!


    • Do both fiction and non-fiction titles count towards the challenge?
      • Yes! Either fiction or non-fiction titles can be read for any genre unless it isn’t possible to fit the category.


    • Do audiobooks and graphic novels count in this challenge?
      • Yes! Both audiobooks and graphic novels are perfectly acceptable.


    • If I sign up for the challenge later in the year, can books I’ve already read be applied to the challenge or can I only count books that are read after I’ve officially registered?
      • Any books read between the program start and end date can be counted towards the challenge, regardless of when you register, as long as they fulfill each genre.


    • Can I read one book and apply it to multiple categories?
      • Each title you read can only fulfill a single requirement.


    • If I read a book for the challenge that I’ve already read before, does it still count?
      • Yes! If you read through a book during the challenge, it can be used, regardless of how many times you’ve read it in the past.


    • Where can I pick-up journals and year-end prizes?
      • Prizes can be picked up at the Main Library or Woods Library information desks.