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Volunteer artists are needed to serve on the Curatorial Committee for the Kershner Gallery in the Fairfield Library. The position involves attending monthly meetings to review the portfolios of those that apply to exhibit in the gallery; visiting the studios of those that are accepted; curating the six or seven shows each year; and designing and distributing the postcards for the shows. Committee members are area artists who themselves have exhibited their work. Call Alice at 203-259-8026.

Now at the Gallery


Bending Reality
August 5 to October 1

The public is invited to a reception for “Bending Reality”, the paintings of Norm Siegel, Marjorie Poe, and Al Coyote Weiner in the Bruce S.Kershner Gallery on August 12 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. The artists will talk about their work at 5:30. The show runs from August 5 to October 1.

Norwalk resident, Norm Siegel, worked as an art director in various ad agencies for almost 50 years and has won most every award the industry has to offer. In 1989, he went into business with a partner and launched the Discovery Channel, the Global Education Fund and Young Scientists Challenge. Many of Norm’s paintings are now part of the permanent collection of the Pentagon and the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio, and he has won awards for his aviation paintings. While he continues advertising, graphic design and marketing projects, he paints trompe l’oeil subjects, photo realistic portraits and all things having to do with aviation and astronomy.

In both his advertising and painting care, Norm has had to come up with new visual and engaging concepts. Presently, he is exploring interactive 3-D anaglyph painting, some of which are in this show. He says, “..I believe I’m the only artist to paint in 3-D anaglyphs. The public is asked to interact with the painting instead of just viewing it. I hope they find the extra step rewarding.”

Al Coyote Weiner is a Fairfield abstract painter, a former professional golfer, actor, screenwriter, songwriter and teacher of film appreciation. Since 2003, he has embraced painting with a resolute focus, taking art courses, showing his works, joining art organizations, attending local art shows and art museums. To date, he has had 19 solo shows and been in 40 group exhibitions and numerous juried shows.

Coyote says, “ If I were forced to define my style, I’d call it maverick expressionism, unimpeded by stylistic dictates. My work is avant-garde. My art employs the various depth and width of my oeuvre, from frivolity to profundity…My paintings have expansive and unabridged use of color. They cross the border of confinement and question the status quo… As a late bloomer and a cancer survivor, I feel my work offers inspiration and enjoyment.”

Marjorie Poe is an accomplished Norwalk Chinese painting artist. She studied fabric design at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and then was a senior director at Jones Apparel in NY. She has devoted her entire career to fashion, traveling overseas for buying trips and overseeing yarn, fabric, and fashion designers.

Marjorie currently studies Western art at Silvermine Art School and the Westport Senior Center. She strives to promote “East meets West” paintings by mixing up and playing different mediums, techniques, and subjects of both cultures. She has had solo and juried group shows in various local venues.

She says, “…Chinese paintings do not attempt to capture the actual physical appearance of a subject, but rather its essential nature or character…Since the creative requirement of Chinese paintings do not demand strict adherence to reality, the painter has complete freedom in terms of artistic conception, structural composition and method of expression. “



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