Bruce S. Kershner Art Gallery

Gallery hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9-5; Tuesday, Thursday 9-9, Saturday 1-5, Closed Sundays


Volunteer artists are needed to serve on the Curatorial Committee for the Kershner Gallery in the Fairfield Library. The position involves attending monthly meetings to review the portfolios of those that apply to exhibit in the gallery; visiting the studios of those that are accepted; curating the six or seven shows each year; and designing and distributing the postcards for the shows. Committee members are area artists who themselves have exhibited their work. Call Alice at 203-259-8026.

Now at the Gallery


Shape Form Pattern
October 7 – December 3

The Kershner Gallery is thrilled to announce our newest exhibition, SHAPE PATTERN FORM, featuring work by Carlos Davila, Jane Davila, and Peggy Weis.




Click here for information about showing your work in our gallery (.pdf). Information pamphlets are also available at the circulation and reference desks at the library.