Bruce S. Kershner Art Gallery

Gallery hours: Monday – Thursday 9-9, Friday 9-6, Saturday 9-5, Sunday 1-5


Coming soon to the Kershner Gallery: The Power of Color- Community Art Show, January 7 – February 19, 2017
Artists are invited to submit works exploring the use of color to express their ideas.
Entry deadline December 19, 2016
Download the entry form here.


Volunteer artists are needed to serve on the Curatorial Committee for the Kershner Gallery in the Fairfield Library. The position involves attending monthly meetings to review the portfolios of those that apply to exhibit in the gallery; visiting the studios of those that are accepted; curating the six or seven shows each year; and designing and distributing the postcards for the shows. Committee members are area artists who themselves have exhibited their work. Call Alice at 203-259-8026.

Nature Transformed: October 1 to November 13

The public is invited to a reception in the Kershner Gallery for “Nature Transformed”, a show of the art of Caryl Stern, Amy Bock, and Clyde Watson on October 8 at 4:30 to 6:30 pm. The artists will talk about their work at 5:30 pm. The show runs from October 1 to November 13.

Caryl Stern lives and works in New York City. After careers in the theatre as actor, director, producer, and teacher; and in journalism (her articles appeared in such publications as Parade, Opera News, and The New York Times), she enrolled in art classes in Colorado and in New York. Her work has won prizes in printmaking, multimedia, and sculpture. In 2016, she was awarded an art residency at the La Napoule Art Foundation in France. Her art has been shown in national and international exhibitions and is in private collections in the U.S. and Europe.

Caryl says, “I am fascinated by surfaces and the secrets hidden within them. That fascination has led me to…explore the artistic potential of…laundry lint and mushrooms…waves and wood.., I seek to achieve a state of tension, capturing the inherent strength of opposites united – stiff and pliant, dark and bright, smooth and rough, organic and industrial. These components are held in precarious balance, suggesting the uncertainty and transience of the physical realm.”

Amy Bock lives in Ridgefield. She has a BFA from Pratt Institute and post-graduate courses in art at The New School for Social Research, Parsons School of Design, The School of Visual Arts and Silvermine Guild. She has exhibited her paintings and mixed media works at various venues in Nantucket, Katonah, New York City, and Connecticut, and she has received a number of awards. Her work is in many private collections and she is an active member of art associations in Connecticut and New York.

Amy says that producing art is “fulfilling to me as a vehicle for creative expression, a meditation and a discipline that gives my life shape and form…I hope to impart to the viewer… a love, appreciation and respect for Nature… I also hope that through my art I can help in some way with imparting to others the importance of conservation and preservation of the natural world. I often play with scale, enlarging slightly from actual size or portraying things that are normally seen only with the aid of a microscope or macro camera lens.”

Clyde Watson is a self-taught Bridgeport artist. He is currently attending Housatonic Community College, majoring in fine art with the hope of one day getting his MFA. He has been a licensed electrician for almost 20 years and has shown his paintings at Mattatuck Museum, the Gallery at Merritt Crossing and City Lights Gallery.

Clyde says, “Art for me is just not some pretty picture hanging on a wall. But like food or water, art can fill you up when you are hungry. It can quench your thirst when you are thirsty…That is why I like to paint impressionist but I love to paint abstract. I seek a higher spiritual sense in my work… I don’t want to be in total control of the work, but let it flow like the wind with minimal control. Too often I find myself amaze at what is created. And it heals me and quenches me and I hope it does that for others.”

Click here for information about showing your work in our gallery(.pdf). Information pamphlets are also available at the circulation and reference desks at the library.