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Welcome back!  Now that we have our brand-new website, it’s time for a more updated blog…sorry it’s a little late, but we have good reason!  In late May & early June, a few librarians went to Book Expo America and, well … we couldn’t stop reading the ARCs we picked up!  Here, we’ve gathered some of the hottest books for the Fall.

“The Returned” by Jason Mott *DEBUT!*

 We LOVE debut authors here at FPL and we’re already super excited for this one, which is already being made into a TV show (which will be titled “The Resurrected”)!

The premise: “All over the world, people’s loved ones are returning from beyond…” People’s deceased loved ones are returning exactly as they were when they passed – the question is, how do people react when they’ve gotten their loved ones back? 

Why we’re excited: The premise itself is enough to get us intrigued.  Hasn’t everyone wished a loved one would come back at some point? Also, we love books that make us think – and this book brings out tons of questions: how is this happening?  Where are they coming from?  Are they going to have to go back?  How will they find their families?  Some of us can’t wait to find out the answers, and have already started reading!

When will it be out? September, 2013

“Help for the Haunted”, John Searles

We were all excited to learn that John is a local – he was actually a waiter at a restaurant formerly known as “Breakaway”, located in Fairfield. But what makes us even more excited, is reading this book.

The premise: Sylvie’s parents have the unusual occupation of helping “haunted souls” find peace.  Sylvie goes with them on an even stranger than usual call, and falls asleep in the car – waking to the sound of gunfire.  Almost a year later, the reader meets up with Sylvie again, and we’re taken on a journey back and forth through time as we learn the truth behind her parents’ deaths and their haunted life.

Why we’re excited:  A number of us saw John Searles in person, and if his writing is half as dynamic as he is, it’s sure to be a good read.  But even more, we love books that blend genres – is this a mystery? Literature? Sci-fi? Who cares when the book sounds this awesome?!

When will it be out?  September, 2013

“Five Days at Memorial” by Sheri Fink

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Hurricane Katrina…this non-fiction book sheds some light on one hospital in particular, Memorial.  It’s brought to you by Pulitzer-prize winner Sheri Fink.

The premise:  The electricity has been out for days.  Patients are sick – even the ones that weren’t sick a few days ago are becoming sicker in the filthy conditions.  Helicopters are trying to help, but the hospital is left basically to its own devices.  More people are wading up to the hospital, and they’re being forced away.  Some doctors made the difficult decision about who will live and who will die – who will be saved and who will not – and the decision ultimately leads to an investigation.

Why we’re excited:  People still have questions about what happened in regards to Katrina rescues.  This book, as difficult a read as it is, shows in-depth the decisions that doctors and nurses were forced to make.  The book is divisive and will surely be the source of many animated discussions (and maybe arguments!) about the rights and wrongs.  While reading, you’ll find you continuously put yourself in their position – what would you do if you had to decide who would be saved and who would not?

When will it be out? September, 2013 

More books we’re excited about: “Margot”, by Jillian Cantor.  “Glitter and Glue”, by Kelly Corrigan. “Dirty Love”, by Andrew Dubus III.  “The Facades”, by Eric Lundgren. “Allegiant” by Veronica Roth.

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