By Josh Malerman
Del Rey, March 2019

Two schools. One starting out with 26 boys, the other with 26 girls. All being raised and educated from infancy with no knowledge or awareness of the opposite sex. J and his brothers are expected to excel in the arts, sciences, and athletics without the distraction that girls would provide. K and her sisters are expected to do the same, without the distraction of boys. As the students approach the “delicate years” of age 12 and 13, can the twisted brains behind this increasingly disastrous experiment really control their wards’ budding sexuality and their increasing desire to find out what lies beyond the wooded boundary of their compound?
Josh Malerman is masterful at building suspense, developing complex characters, and walloping his readers with his heart stopping endings. Hold onto your hat and enjoy this ride. ~SB

Josh Malerman is also the author of BIRD BOX, another staff favorite which was recently made into a Netflix movie starring Sandra Bullock. You can place a hold on the book here.

For more information, or to place a hold on INSPECTION, please click here.

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