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Check Out These Mystery Series!

Scottish Bookshop Mystery Series by Paige Shelton

For fans of contemporary or cozy mysteries, this series features Delaney Nichols, an American who has left home for a job in Edinburgh, Scotland at The Cracked Spine. So much more than just a bookshop, the Cracked Spine has a secret room full of antique treasures that her boss, Edwin, has been collecting for years. Murder and intrigue are never very far from Delaney and the mysterious Cracked Spine.
A great cast of characters and a terrific setting make this a mystery series not to be missed.

  1. THE CRACKED SPINE please click here.
  2. OF BOOKS AND BAGPIPES please click here.
  3. LOST BOOKS AND OLD BONES please click here.
  4. THE LOCH NESS PAPERS please click here.


Wrexford & Sloane Mystery Series by Andrea Penrose

For fans of historical mysteries, this series features the Earl of Wrexford, a wealthy lord, and Charlotte Sloane, a political cartoonist who writes under the pseudonym A.J. Quill. Charlotte and Wrexford move in different social circles so each has their own web of informants and spies. This makes them a formidable team when it comes to solving murders. Regency London has never seemed as dark and sinister as in this riveting series.

  1. MURDER ON BLACK SWAN LANE please click here.
  2. MURDER AT HALF MOON GATE please click here.
  3. MURDER AT KENSINGTON PALACE please click here.

Staff Picks for November

We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast by Jonathan Safran Foer
Foer picks apart, step by step, our planet’s bleak outlook, and how out of control population, human excess, individual and political ignorance, pollution, and consumption of factory-farmed animals have contributed to the problems of climate change. His major focus is on what we as individuals and the world can do to save itself for generations to come. (Foer was selected for One Book One Town in Fairfield in 2011 with his book Eating Animals.) ~KC

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This Tender Land by William Kent Krueger
During the summer of 1932 circumstances force four orphans to flee Minnesota and journey in search of a better life. This is an adventure story wrapped within a novel of historical fiction. As the lead character advises, this narrative contains: killing and kidnapping, courage and cowardice, love and betrayal, but most of all hope. Recommended for fans of Before We Were Yours and Where the Crawdads Sing. ~HM

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Time After Time by Lisa Grunwald
If Grand Central Station is one of your favorite landmarks, you might enjoy this story of romance between a working man and an uncommon society girl. Joe, a worker in Grand Central, meets a beautiful young woman who seems somehow out of place. As he tries to help her, he is pulled into a mystery that is inseparable from the station itself. ~BJS

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The Silent Patient

The Silent Patient
by Alex Michaelides
Artist Alicia Berenson is accused of brutally shooting her husband, however, she will not speak, not even to defend herself. Her only voice is through her last painting which holds the key to this mystery and reveals a deep psychological connection to the murder. ~SR

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This is also an excellent audiobook choice. If you would like more information about the audio version of this title, please click here.