The Venetian Betrayal

Title: Venetian Betrayal

Author:  Steve Berry

Summary: The third entry in the Cotton Malone series brings us Cotton who has retired from a clandestine U.S. government agency. He is operating a rare book shop in Denmark where he is drawn into a geopolitical game that takes him across Europe and Asia. Cotton narrowly escapes death in a fire that envelopes a Danish museum. His friend, Cassiopoeia Vitt informs him that museums across Europe are being set ablaze to mask the theft of Alexander the Great medallions. These medallions hold clues that reveal the final resting place of Alexander the Great and more importantly the secret of the powerful “draught” that can possibly cure AIDS.

Cotton and company has to beat the bad guys which include the leader of a new nation that has arisen from the ashes of the USSR and an international organization of power brokers that has amassed a secret cache of biological weapons. The first to unlock and possess the secret will control the fate of the world.

Who will like this book?: Fans who like suspenseful thrillers based on historical facts; fans of books like the DaVinci Code. 

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Recommended by: Sandy, Technical Services

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