Settle In With These Digital Thrillers

Looking for some thrillers to read or listen to while you’re staying home and staying safe? Here are a few suggestions that you can download from Overdrive with your Fairfield Public Library card.

Title details for Please See Us by Caitlin Mullen - Available

By Caitlin Mullen

“At last, a “woman in peril” thriller that doesn’t involve a handsome, psychopathic husband or a seemingly sympathetic but ultimately homicidal neighborhood kid. What Mullen’s debut gives readers is a wrenchingly detailed, utterly credible story of women whose peril comes from poverty, either a slow slide or a sudden slip.” ~Booklist

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Title details for Just Watch Me by Jeff Lindsay - Available

By Jeff Lindsay

“This terrific series launch from bestseller Lindsay (Darkly Dreaming Dexter) opens with master thief Riley Wolfe, an antihero Dexter fans will relish, using a helicopter to steal a 12-ton statue in broad daylight during its installation ceremony in Chicago.” ~Publisher’s Weekly

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Title details for Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel - Available

By Stephanie Wrobel

“Propulsive pacing, a claustrophobic setting, and vividly sketched characters who are equal parts victim and villain conspire to create an anxious, unsettling narrative. Psychological suspense fans will be well satisfied.” ~Publisher’s Weekly

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Title details for The Whisper Man by Alex North - Available

By Alex North

“North’s first novel explores the life of a father raising his young son after the tragic death of his wife mixed with a town in turmoil owing to kidnappings in the area… The terrifying villain and characters who seem authentic only add to the horror. Lyrical writing also helps make the story truly haunting.” ~Library Journal

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Title details for The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James - Available

By Simone St. James

“In this engrossing supernatural thriller from St. James (The Broken Girls), 20-year-old Carly Kirk sets out from her Illinois hometown determined to find some answers 35 years after her aunt Viv Delaney vanished while working the night shift at a seedy upstate New York motel.” ~Publisher’s Weekly

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Title details for The Poacher's Son by Paul Doiron - Available

By Paul Doiron

“Doiron’s debut crime novel is set on the coast and in the North Woods of Maine, the home of rookie game warden Mike Bowditch. As tensions rise across the state with the impending sale of huge tracts of paper-company forest land to an out-of-state developer, Mike receives a strange message from his father, left on the same night the paper company rep and a state trooper are shot and killed after a heated town meeting… One hopes this fine novel is the first in a series starring Warden Bowditch, who could quickly become the East Coast version of C. J. Box’s game-warden hero Joe Pickett, who patrols the range in Wyoming.” ~Booklist
*This is the first in a staff favorite series. Sure to please mystery, suspense and thriller lovers.

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Title details for Those People by Louise Candlish - Available

By Louise Candlish

“This fiendishly twisty and suspenseful tale of secrets, lies, jealousy, and intrigue keeps readers guessing until the very end. Fans of Celeste Ng and Leila Slimani will be pleased with this contemporary take on families and violence.” ~Booklist

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Title details for Deception Cove by Owen Laukkanen - Available

By Owen Laukkanen

“Deception Cove, Wash., “a rainy-day kind of place” that’s the atmospheric setting of this superior standalone from Thriller Award finalist Laukkanen…
a crackerjack plot enhances the moving portrayals of the leads’ inner lives. Laukkanen has never been better.” ~ Publisher’s Weekly

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“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”
~C.S. Lewis


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