Force of Nature

Title: Force of Nature
Author: Jane Harper
Publisher: Flatiron Books, February 2018

Summary/Review:  Aaron Falk first appeared in Jane Harper’s THE DRY which was a staff and patron favorite. He’s back again in her new novel THE FORCE OF NATURE. We welcome him back with open arms.

Federal Police agent Aaron Falk and his partner Carmen Cooper are called in when one of their informants goes missing in the Australian bushland. Alice Russell, along with four other women from the accountancy firm Bailey Tennants are on a team building retreat. After getting lost in the bush, all come back except Alice. Alice had been, coincidentally, secretly collecting information to aid in the financial investigation of her employer. The four returning women come out of the bush exhausted, bruised and battered. So what happened to Alice? Why did she try to walk out alone? It seems this particular team building exercise turned out to be more like Lord of the Flies than a way to strengthen bonds and promote cooperation. Repressed animosity and jealousy amongst the women bubbles up and is unleashed and lives will be changed forever.

Jane Harper delivers again in this suspenseful novel set in the unforgiving bushland. Alternating between the women’s ordeal and its aftermath, this is an exceptional novel that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Who will like this book: For readers of mysteries, thrillers and suspense.

Recommended by: Sue B., Circulation

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