Coming Soon…One Book One Town 2016

Yes – it’s about that time, Fairfield!

The One Book One Town selection for 2016 has been selected and we can’t wait to tell you all about it…in a few months.

We will make the official announcement on Tuesday, January 12, 2016. What we can say is that the One Book One Town selection committee is very excited about the upcoming season as it takes this beloved annual event in an entirely fresh direction.

Keep checking back here for some hints and clues about our new book and make sure to save the date of our big announcement.


Meet the Committee: Mary Sorhus

Each week we will introduce a member of the One Book One Town committee as we prepare to bring another outstanding title, author, and slate of events to Fairfield.

“As a Children’s Librarian, I love helping children discover the magic that can be found in a good story. I also love encouraging the other members on the One Book, One Town committee to read a youth book, because I promise…they are quality books! As for my more adult tastes, I love to read fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction, and firmly believe that every book needs a little romance!

I was born in California, but really, am a proud Texan married to a Norwegian. I am Mom to a fun-loving toddler, Heidi, and have been a mom even longer to a cute mutt named Miss Cordelia Chase (Cordie, for short). I enjoy playing sports, watching TV, and eating pizza… when I’m not reading, of course!”