The Obsession by Jesse Q. Sutanto

In the lovesick story The Obsession by Jesse Q. Sutanto, you meet Logan, a seemingly normal high school student. He gets great grades, works out, and plays lacrosse. All the girls love him. Any one of them would be lucky enough to be seen by him. But when it comes to Delilah, she’d rather have anyone else lay their eyes on her if it meant getting away from him. Delilah looks very similar to a girl named Sophie, who was Logan’s previous… “crush” (more like obsession). Everyone knew he liked her, everyone was jealous, but nobody knew how Logan truly felt. He needed Delilah, he needed her to survive, he needed her to know how he felt, and for her to stay forever. Delilah was the only one. Readers will find how charming Logan can be, and how easy it is to realize that there’s something off about him. how Delilah’s perfect little life isn’t so how it seems. Along with how the messy day-to-day life of morally twisted teenagers can be.

By Teen Reviewer, Evangelina