All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir

Misbah can be described in many ways, but mainly as a dreamer. Recently, she has been placed in an arranged marriage with her now husband Toufiq. They call Pakistan home, but when life gets crazy, they decide to move to the United States. Although the couple is in an arranged marriage, they do a good job at making the best of it and looking to the bright side, even when it is hard. In the United States, they open the Cloud’s Rest Inn Motel for a new start. Juniper, California is where best friends Salahudin and Noor reside. They consider themselves more than just friends, they are truly family. They feel like outcasts in their small town, but at least they have each other. All is well until they get into a huge fight which destroys their relationship. Salahudin and Noor are a good representation of platonic soulmates, and that sometimes, love takes work. Sal’s mother is Misbah. He has a complicated family life, and so does Noor. They both long to get out of Juniper. Their friendship felt like the only thing that helped them keep their heads above the water in the midst of all the craziness. The need to make a decision, is their friendship worth it? This heart wrenching novel shows what it is like to struggle and persevere, and that sometimes, only a friend can pull you through. 

Review by Caroline, Teen Reviewer