How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love with the Universe by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland

Before the book was published, I overheard several people discussing it, thus I find it amazing that it hasn’t been more well known. I was immediately engrossed. I adore Moon’s voice, her hobbies, and the way she views so many things, such as language, plants, and the natural world, as being beautiful. I must comment on how authentic her voice sounds. Many times when I read YA, it doesn’t sound like it’s written by a young person. This isn’t because the language or allusions aren’t appropriate; rather, it just doesn’t represent what it’s like to be sixteen or seventeen. But this most certainly did.

I cherish Moon. Every time she questioned herself or called herself a name, I wanted to scream at her. Although I believe I have experienced many of the same things as she has and have had similar thoughts, I didn’t think about myself a lot while reading this book. I was so absorbed in the narrative.

Although the relationship moved slowly, I truly enjoyed it. The friendship between Moon and her sister also captivated me. As well as between Moon’s mother and herself.

This book was fantastic all around. I anticipated a sweet YA romance. But I received a lot more. I heartily recommend this book!

By Teen Reviewer, Maheen