The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen

The Rest of the Story follows the story of Emma Saylor. Emma Saylor lost her mom when she was ten, and now she remembers very little about her. She only remembers the lake her mom used to talk about, North Lake. Now Emma lives with her dad and has a stable life. Some may even call it predictable. However, when Emma gets invited by her mother’s parents to North Lake, where her mother and father grew up, she jumps on the chance. Emma quickly discovers that while her parents grew up in the same town, they lived very different lives. This leads to Emma feeling split not only because of the difference between the way her parents grew up, but this is only intensified by being called two different names. Her mom’s parents call her Sayler, her mom’s name, while her dad calls her Emma. Emma works to reconcile two pieces of her along with her family’s past with the help of Roo. Roo is her childhood best boyfriend, and the two of them begin to piece together the past.

By Teen Reviewer, Grace