Watch Over Me by Nina LaCour

Watch Over Me follows the story of Mila, a teenage girl straight out of high school. Mila hasn’t had a typical life. She was in the foster care system and has just turned 18 leaving her on her own. Mila finds a job at a farm off the coast of North Carolina. Mila is happy to have a fresh start, a place to live, and a job. The farm is a home for kids like Mila was, and now she has a job teaching them. However, along with the farm’s good, it is also haunted by the children’s pasts. Mila battles settling in a new place, especially since it brings up her past. This book is perfect for those who enjoy magical realism and paranormal fantasy. I enjoyed how the author wove both realistic elements with paranormal elements and used the paranormal elements to symbolize and reinforce other ideas created in the story. 

By Teen Reviewer, Grace