Tomato Tasting

We had our 3rd annual tomato tasting this past weekend.  Lot of delicious tomatoes, all sizes, shapes and colors.  Stay tune to learn which one was everyone’s favorite – Tomatoes!!!  I love them all.

Seedling Exchange

The weather was gorgeous and our 3rd annual seedling exchange was a great success.  This year the exchange was at Greenfield Hills Grange. Build in 1897, the Grange was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2008.  A few of the plants exchanged were several varieties of cucumbers and tomatoes, basil and asparagus.  We had seeds from our seed to seed library there as well for people to take a few and take home to plant.  Lots  of talk on where people were growing their veggies and herbs – containers, small square footers, larger plots and community gardens.  Also a great discussion on how to deter deer from the garden.  One of my favorites was to go out for your usual jog/exercise and place you “smelly” clothes out in the garden.  Seems deer don’t like the smells either!  There was also advice on how high you need to build a fence/fortress around your garden so deer couldn’t be tempted….of course that brought into the discussion all the other cute animals (mice, rabbits, woodchucks) who manage to find their way in too.

Gardening begins – there is still time to get your seeds at our Seed to Seed Library.  We’ve got lots for you to share – it’s simple – come in, sign in, open packets and take out a few, put in envelopes provided, write out the information and take home to plant.

seedling3 seedling1 seedling4

Seedling exchange

Seedling exchange


Rain gardens

Learn how to install a rain garden. A rain garden is an attractive landscaping feature that naturally filters storm water runoff that would normally pollute rivers and streams that lead to the Sound. Volunteers must be able to help with the installation by digging and planting a small garden. Contact Jason via email at