Welcome to the Fairfield Woods Seed-to-Seed Library!

We’re in our sixth year of our seed library – whoowhee! Come and check us out.

Our goal: To have every household in Fairfield plant a garden.
We are committed to increasing community awareness of the benefits of gardening and saving seeds through education that will foster community resilience, self-reliance and a culture of sharing.

Borrowing Seeds

The seeds you borrow from our seed-to-seed library are lent to you at no financial cost to you. Our hope is that you will enjoy gardening and picking the fruits of your hard labor. At harvest time, please take some extra steps to save seeds for others. We’d like you to return, to the library, a portion of the seeds you have saved. The more seeds in the library, the more members our community can experience the pleasures of growing their own food from local seeds.

Why Save Seeds?

When you grow and save your own seeds, you:

  • Develop seed stock that is well suited to our climate
  • Save money
  • Lessen our dependence on agro-business

When you participate in the seed library, you create a culture of sharing and abundance.

1 thought on “Home

  • by Suzanne Elliott

    I just learned about your seed saving library in Country Gardens Fall 2016. I am looking forward to learning more about the library and events. Please add me to your list.
    Thank you!

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