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Fairfield Woods Branch Library has entered its sixth year of our Seed to Seed library. We’ve accomplished so many great things during this time and have met so many “active” gardeners who use the organic seeds. This spring we’ve had about 100 gardeners check out seeds from our library. What’s really exciting is that during the year we’ve had people return seeds back to us from their own gardens. Our Fairfield seed bank is slowly beginning to grow! Throughout these last couple of years we’ve enjoyed planting our children’s garden outside our children’s department. The kids have, throughout the summer, enjoyed a lettuce leaf or two they’ve picked for their lunch or some beans or radishes. Amie Hall planted the garden, with the help of the children, and this too has become a yearly event. The library has also started a garden plot at the community garden, planting seeds from our library. Eric Frisk, community garden manager, has been a tremendous help in getting it organized. We offered gardening classes there throughout the summer. Eric showed the group how easy it is to plant seeds and plants and how to minimize weeds in the garden space.  We use this plot to grow an over abundance of some vegetables to be specifically saved for the Seed to Seed Library.  This is the third year of our seedling exchange. Several of the people, who planted seeds from our seed library brought their beautiful young plants to swap. This fall we’ll be having our third annual tomato tasting party, to judge which variety seems to be the best. We’ve also been a CSA pickup for a local farm a few miles away. A few of the days the farmer had an overabundance of the most delicious tomatoes and was able to sell them very quickly in front of our library. One of our wonderful patrons is maintaining our two huge planters in front of the buiding. She’s planted tomatoes, beans and flowers. The patrons coming into the library love to watch the progress of the plants and many comment on how they enjoy watching them grow.

garden grow

Gardening is a wonderful pastime and the staff at the branch have enjoyed connecting with so many garden enthusiasts. So many of our books on gardening, preserving, cooking and designing are actively being used by many of them.

Thanks everyone for making our Seed to Seed library such a success!

Fairfield Public Library Mission Statement

Deliver dynamic service through informative and innovative programs, materials, technology, and spaces to strengthen our community.

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