The Pros of Cons by Alison Cherry, Lindsay Ribar, & Michelle Schusterman

The Pros of Cons is a fun and chaotic (in a good way) book about friendship, conventions, and taxidermy animals. It’s funny and moving, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes lighthearted and entertaining books.

Vanessa is going to the We Treasure Fandom Convention to meet her online girlfriend. Phoebe is determined to have a good time at her percussionist contest. And Callie, whose dad is a taxidermist, plans on bonding with him at a taxidermy convention. But Vanessa’s relationship takes a surprising turn, Phoebe accidentally hurts her hands with a scalpel/drumstick and can’t participate in the contest, and Callie’s dad is treating her like his personal assistant and not at all like his daughter. When the three girls meet each other, they become friends. Over the course of only a couple of days, they collaborate on a project, sabotage turkeys, encounter several pageant toddlers who probably need therapy, and help make each others’ conventions not a total bust.

Each of the three main characters’ perspectives was interestingly written by a different author. The plot lines was well-formed. And all of the characters were hilarious in their own way. Long live Beige!

By Teen Reviewer, Oola