A Land of Permanent Goodbyes by Atia Abawi

What a remarkable book. Although not very violent at its core, this book shows a strong interest in addressing the consequences of and responses to the daily acts of violence committed by people, in this case, the terrorism carried out by Daesh in Syria. We are given insight into Tareq’s current situation as well as the atrocities he has witnessed in the past and the mistrust people have of him as we start to follow him. I’d characterize this book as nuanced if I had to.

I can’t say for sure what the author wanted to accomplish when she wrote this book because I don’t know her. But she was successful if her goal was to educate white readers about the horrors that migrants must endure. She was successful in exploring a character’s worries and fears about being forced to leave the familiar surroundings. She was successful if her goal was to criticize how governments, charities, and aid organizations responded to terrorism. This book attempted many things, and it was successful.

Overall, this book is excellent and stunning and does not downplay the tragedies and bloodshed that people have to experience as a result of terrorism. This book is unquestionably for you if you like or are interested in learning about different cultures, homelessness, and difficult or distant farewells.

By Teen Reviewer, Maheen