Teen Titans: Beast Boy by Kami Garcia

Teen Titans: Beast Boy is a quick read that features a compelling plotline and immaculate artwork, as well as a superhero origin story worth exploring. Many are familiar with the hero Beast Boy, a member of the Teen Titans who is known for his shapeshifting ability. The reader quickly becomes familiar with the person behind the persona, Garfield Logan, and the people orbiting him in Eden, Georgia. The story depicts the manifestation of Gar’s powers, his testing of his limits, and the first crimes he combats with them. Gar has had an ordinary childhood, and his catapult from standard high schooler to flourishing superhuman is both thoughtful and entertaining. It’s full of witty dialogue, as well as memorable characters that often pay homage to the lore of the DC universe. Gar has a distinct voice, and his aspirations and insecurities are put on full display; he is relatable, and a pleasure to experience the story through.

Not a moment of the book goes to waste in the mind of the reader: The plot is filled with constant development, action scenes, and moments of camaraderie between characters. The art, particularly the attention given to the expressions of each character, serve to further draw one in. For those engaged in DC lore and for those less informed, Teen Titans: Beast Boy is a quick adventure that is well worth taking. 

By Teen Reviewer, Eleanor