The Cost of Knowing by Brittney Morris

“Joy in the midst of oppression is its own kind of bravery.”

You’ve just had a vision, your brother will die soon, how would you react? Alex can attest, our story follows a young man and his family in Chicago. Once Alex’s father had passed away, he gained a supernatural power; being able to see into the future of anything he touches. What may sound like an amazing ability on paper, is a horror in reality. This affects many of his relationships with others, including his girlfriend Talia, and his brother Isaiah. Alex becomes extremely anxious and scared for his and his brothers soon-to-be changed lives. Alex has trouble balancing all the troubles of his life, and dealing with keeping his brother alive. Time is failing and Alex wants to spend time with his brother, and make sure he is safe, can Alex change the course of fate?

This story gives insight to the life of young black men in some of the toughest times of their lives, growing into an adult. The harsh reality is that this book depicts situations and tough decisions a lot of black men face in their lives. Generational trauma, racial injustice, and the thoughts of growing up too fast are all issues talked about in this book. The characters are all felt and heard as they all go through their own struggles, even side ones. It is a heavy read, a lot of anxiety is carried throughout the whole book. I strongly recommend this book to any young black men, or anyone who has faced any issues above. Morris created a beautiful message to the people affected from these issues, and it should be enjoyed.

By Teen Reviewer, Randy