Beach Read by Emily Henry

Beach Read is a romance novel about two writers – January, who writes romance novels, and Augustus, who writes horror novels. The two have been enemies since college, always competing against each other. However, they did not see each other much in their adult lives until an event in January’s life leads her back to Augustus. The two embark on a journey to appreciate the other’s respective genre. I loved the foil of Henry’s two main characters. January and August are completely opposite months-warm, summer August and cold, winter January. The contrast of their names represents a deeper difference between the two characters, especially relating to their writing styles. The novel was a great, quick read. However, it was sad in parts, commenting on the effects of losing a loved one. The novel emphasized how one loss can completely transform the course of your life. Gus and January’s relationship is truly special and their chemistry compels one to continue reading. Beach Read is a must read for romance lovers. 

By Teen Reviewer, Abbey