Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard

Readers are brought into the world of Allward through the eyes of a knight’s squire named Andry. Andry is a young boy traveling with his knights and immortal elders with the goal of stopping a cruel man, Taristan, who intends to use a magical spindle to dangerously rip a passage between realms. When the battle goes horribly awry, Andry is left to escape with one of his companions’ swords so that Taristan does not get a hold of it. 

With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, one of the only elders who survived the battle, Dom, finds Corayne, the daughter of a pirate, who is the only one able to stop Taristian and his dark plans. With spindle blood in her veins and a rag tag group behind her, they become Allward’s last hope in the wake of Taristan. 

Aveyard’s novel creates a new, intricate world that makes for an exciting, action packed story. With the journey coming from multiple perspectives and impressive world building, Realm Breaker is a great beginning to a new fantasy series. 

By Teen Reviewer, Malia