These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong

As a unique adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, Chloe Gong creates a captivating world taking place in 1926 Shanghai, China. Juliett Cai is the heiress to her fathers gang, the Scarletts, who have immense power in the city. However, the Scarlett gang does not rule without competition and is rivaled by the White Flowers. To make tensions worse between the two groups, Juliett and Roma were past lovers. 

When a cruel and dangerous beast rises to the surface of Shanghai, Juliett and Roma find that they have no choice but to work together. With their parents passing a blind eye to this creature, Roma and Juliett find their way sneaking around the city in order to solve this mystery and protect their people. 

Chloe Gong’s novel creates a descriptive, immersive world allowing readers to understand each character’s perspective. Her play on the classic Romeo and Juliet story is incredibly intriguing. The change in time period, added mystery, and monsters that make this re-imagining unique. Readers who enjoy historical fantasy will definitely enjoy These Violent Delights

By Teen Reviewer, Malia