Lore by Alexandra Bracken

This mythological fantasy brings Greek gods into the modern-day. In this book, Greek gods are punished because of a rebellion. Every seven years, they have to roam on earth as mere mortalsin an event called the Agon. They are everyone’s target because those who kill them seize their power and immortality once the Agon is over. Lore Perseous no longer seeks revenge for the death of her family, murdered by a rival line, especially now that the man behind it all is now a god. Lore tries to isolate herself in the hunt. However, when Castor, her childhood friend she thought was dead, and wounded Athena, the last of the original gods, ask for help, she must do what she knows is right. This book is perfect for those who love mythology and those just looking for an excellent fast-paced fantasy. As a reader who enjoys mythology, I enjoyed how the author worked to tie in small elements of mythology that not everyone may know and the largely known elements of mythology she included. 

By Teen Reviewer, Grace