What the Fireflies Knew by Kai Harris

This book follows the story of Kenyatta Bryce (KB), who is almost 18 years old, and her teenage sister Nia. After the death of their father, KB and Nia’s mother begins is struggling. This leads their mother to decide they are better off with their grandfather in Lansing. KB struggles to navigate this new world with her grandfather and the feelings of her mother leaving her. KB feels like she was abandoned by her mother, mainly because it was close to her father’s death, and she tries to learn how to accept the world she is in. This story is perfect for those looking for a heartfelt story that includes the ups and downs of real life. While Kenyatta tries to protect Nia, it does not always go as planned, and it often ends up hurting her. I appreciated that it showed the real ups and downs of sisters and sisters who struggle and hit on some critical racial issues in this book.

By Teen Reviewer, Grace