A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor by Hank Green

 A beautifully foolish endeavor is the sequel to Hank Green’s previous novel An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.  The book begins with the Carls vanishing out of nowhere just like how they arrived. This left the world in confusion and fear. Why did the Carls leave? Where did they go?  After April’s mysterious death, the world turns to Andy who has now taken over all of social media. Andy follows the fast paced  mystery of where the Carls went. April’s grieving girlfriend, Maya, looks into her death and clues point toward April possibly being alive!  The gang follows many twists and turns and again has to navigate social media. With the responsibility of solving the mysteries falling on them they have to solve many complex problems with creative solutions. This book delivered a perfect sequel to the previous novel and was a great read!!

By Teen Reviewer Josephine