One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus

A jock, a criminal, nerd, a beauty and an outcast all find themselves at after school detention one day, except one doesn’t make it out alive. Simon, the outcast, runs the school’s gossip page. Constantly posting some student’s biggest secrets in hopes of exposing them and ruining part of their life. Simon planned on posting a piece of gossip on all of the other four students stuck in detention with him the day after he passed away. This leaves all of them as suspects in what was found to be not an accidental death, that was played off as an allergic reaction. “One of Us is Lying” follows each of the students’ journeys from their individual point of views leaving readers on the edge of their seats through this mystery. In the beginning it seems as if each of these students benefited from Simon’s death, as now their secrets won’t be exposed, but which one of them was the one to blame for Simon’s death? All four students put up a fight and defend themselves well, leaving readers just as bewildered about who the killer could be. As the plot carries on, each of their secrets are slowly revealed, and they get determined to find out the truth about what really happened to Simon. A VERY surprising twist of events and the truth relieved is not one you will want to miss!

By YA Reviewer, Amy