Title: Unwind

Author: Neal Shusterman

Summary:  Shusterman imagines a world where a war fought between Pro-life and Pro-Choice has ended in a unthinkable compromise.  The Bill of Life provides that a human life may not be touched from conception to the age of thirteen.  However, from the ages of thirteen to eighteen a parent or guardian is given the option of “unwinding” their child.  The unwinding procedure requires that the teen be cut apart and that every single part be used as donor material for those with medical problems.  This is to be the fate of Connor, Risa, and Lev, until a chance encounter throws them together and launches them into a journey that could just save their lives. 

Who will like this book?: This book has appeal for both sci-fi and thriller fans.  Abortion, and to a lesser degree, organ donation, are controversial topics, but Shusterman’s handling of the issues really works to provoke thought not outrage. 

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Recommended by: Jennifer, Branch Teen Librarian