Dairy Queen


Title: Dairy Queen

Author: Catherine Murdock

Summary: Fifteen-year-old D.J. Schwenk lives in rural Wisconsin on her family’s small dairy farm.  This star basketball player, who comes from a family of gifted athletes, doesn’t hesitate to quit basketball for the season to run the family farm after her Dad has hip surgery.  Hard-working D.J. takes whatever comes her way, without questioning or complaining, until the star quarterback from a rival school, Brian,  is sent to her family’s farm to develop a work ethic.  After he makes an unflattering comparison between D.J. and the cows she tends, D.J.  starts to question what might be her role in her family and in life in general.  Along the way, D.J agrees to train Brian for football and discovers some of her own ambitions.

Who will like this book:   Anyone who can appreciate a strong, humorous, non-traditional female lead character.  Very entertaining and fun read!

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Recommended by: Jennifer, Branch Teen Librarian