All These Bodies by Kendara Blake

All These Bodies by Kendare Blake is a murder mystery-thriller that will keep you on your toes. Each page of Kendare Blake’s unique story will leave your hair standing on end. 

The book starts in the summer of 1958 in a small town in Minnesota with Michael Jensen. Micheal aspires to become a journalist and longs to leave his boring small town. During this time the Midwest was being tormented by a serial killer. The victims were found completely drained of blood, not on the ground, on the bodies, not even a single drop of blood anywhere. Once August ended and there hadn’t been a victim in a while, people believed that the serial killer was gone, until the Carlson family was found dead in their Minnesota home, but they weren’t the only ones found. Marie Cathrine Hale is found drenched in Carlson’s blood and she becomes the first clue to finding the killer. Michael was very interested in the case, as almost everyone was, but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that he would be pulled into the case. Marie refuses to confess to anyone except Michael and it is up to him to reveal the truth. 

All these bodies is spooky and full of mysteries that will make you unable to stop reading. Where did all the blood go? Who is Marie Cathrine Hale?

By Teen Reviewer, Eliana

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