I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jeanette McCurdy

While the title of this memoir may sound disturbing at first glance, it is a sentiment that writer, director, and former actress Jeanette Mccurdy has spent her entire life trying to accept. A recognizable face for many due to her role as Sam on iCarly, Mccurdy was dragged into show business- as well as an eating disorder and commitment issues- by an overbearing and abusive mother. She paints a vivid portrait of her complicated relationship with her mother and what it taught her about life, love, and happiness in this tragic yet hilarious page-turner. Everyone can see a part of themselves reflected in the relatable and poignant Mccurdy, making this a must-read.

By Teen Reviewer, Eve

*This book is located in our adult collection and recommended for our older teens-adults.