I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston

Shara Wheeler is what everyone imagines the perfect daughter to be: pretty, smart, perfectly behaved, and a strictly religious girl. So what happens when Shara kisses a girl named Chloe then disappears without a trace?

Now set on a path to find her, Chloe teams up with Shara’s next door neighbor, and Shara’s boyfriend to bring her back. Following a trail of breadcrumbs Chloe is convinced that the girl next door is hiding something and shes set on figuring out what.

From the author of Red White and Royal Blue, Casey McQuiston delivers a light hearted mystery about finding yourself and learning that breaking the rules is sometimes a necessity. You’ll read about love in unexpected places and the joy of stepping out of your comfort zone in a town where blending in is your key to survival. 

By Teen Reviewer, Eliah