One of Us is Next by Karen M. McManus

Readers return to Bayview High School in the book, One Of Us Is Next by Karen M McManus which is a sequel to One Of Us Is Lying. Year after the events of the original book, a new person is exposing all the gossip and secrets of the students of Bayview high through a scary game of truth or dare. The truth may bring to light someone’s worst secrets and the dares are so dangerous that they cost a person his life. Everyone is busy trying to protect themselves and prevent their secrets from coming to light. The first target of the wicked game is Phoebe, she teams up with her ex-boyfriend Knox and Brownyn’s little sister Maeve to try to catch the person behind this game before anyone else gets hurt or their own dark secrets get exposed. This book is an absolute page tuner that is full of many surprising twist and turns. 

By Teen Reviewer, Harleen