The Counselors by Jessica Goodman

The Counselors by Jessica Goodman is a YA mystery book. This book follows three best friends, Goldie, Ava, and Imogen, whose friendship was formed at Camp Alpine Lake. Goldie, Ava, and Imogen are trying to figure out what happened at camp seven years ago when they were first counselors. They work to figure out why and how someone was found in the lake. The reader is taken through a flashback of that fateful summer seven years ago and finds out that everyone has been lying, and they know more than they think. Still, everyone is too busy protecting themselves to come to the absolute truth. This book is a page-turner and has the reader on the edge of their seat on every page. This is the perfect book for fall and excellent for when you need a break from school. Jessica Goodman does a fantastic job of transporting the reader into the plot. 

By Teen Reviewer, Grace