Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak

I should start by saying that reading this book is challenging. It is a family history told in the form of a patchwork quilt, bouncing from person to person, place to place, and the past to the present. The solution is to focus.

However, perseverance pays off, and this is a very lovely novel. As the plot develops, Zusak’s characters begin to win you over, and the pages just fly by as you try to figure out what really happened. By the end, everything is made clear, even to the little details like why Clay values the clothes pegs so highly. There are some really sad moments, so tissues are needed.

However, as you might imagine in a home with five boys, there are also a lot of enjoyable moments. I adored Achilles the mule who believed he should also reside in the home, and there is a great neighbor who visits to settle their disputes when they arise. Which is often.

This book is about love and relationships. It hasn’t stopped buzzing in my thoughts since I completed it yesterday. That indicates a good book without a doubt.

by Teen Reviewer, Maheen