The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This mystery is the first in The Inheritance Games series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. In this book, the reader follows the perspective of Avery Grambs. Avery is just your average teenager, worrying about high school and winning scholarships. That is until billionaire Tobias Hawthorne dies, and Avery is given almost his entire fortune. Avery must live in the Hawthorne mansion with Tobias’s grandsons, Grayson and Jameson, to gain access to this fortune. Grayson was convinced that Avery conned Tobias into giving her the family fortune, while Jameson believed it was his grandfather’s last hurrah. Tobias loved games, and it is clear to Avery that she must figure out where she is now in the Hawthornes’ lives and whether or not it was a game created by the dead Tobias Hawthorne himself. 

By Teen Reviewer, Grace