Loveless by Alice Oseman

From the author behind Radio Silence and Heartstopper comes an #OwnVoices book, Loveless. Loveless follows Georgia, an aromantic asexual girl, as she moves from high school to university along with her two best friends. As Georgia settles into university life she starts to discover her identity and what love means to her. Through a mutual love of Shakespeare, Georgia finds a loyal and lovable friend group and navigates her struggles with her friends at her side. Georgia learns to adjust to life at university and discovers the deeper meaning of friendship. Alice Oseman excels at building a world in which the characters are real, fleshed out, relatable and messy; readers will fall in love with Pride Soc President Sunil, Georgia’s outgoing roommate Rooney, her high school friends Jason and Pip, and of course Georgia herself. 

By Teen Reviewer, Julia