Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Two words to describe Daisy Jones & The Six: rock and love. 

Set against the backdrop of the rock and roll scene in 1970’s L.A, Daisy Jones & The Six reveals the story of a fake band in a world that seems extremely real. The book is unique in that it is told through snippets from interviews with various people either from the band or associated with it, and the text even says that “This book serves as the first and only time members of the band have commented on their history together.” While it is a fake band and a fictional story, it is told in a way that feels so realistic, that it seems as though it is almost surely based on real-life events. 

The book begins with two separate stories, that of Daisy Jones and that of Billy Dunne. The two have no connection to one another, but they are similar in that both of them are exploring and navigating the world of rock and roll at the same time. Daisy is a beautiful young woman and singer-songwriter with a naturally powerful voice who spends much of her time partying. Billy is guitarist, partier, and frontman of his band The Six, who have found increasing success and popularity. 

The two young, naive artists’ stories meet and intertwine when their label recommends that they try a duet in one of the songs on The Six’s new album. This suggestion is not taken lightly by members of the band who are reluctant to allow a new voice on the album and who do not want their music shifting into the soft rock genre. However, they give in to their manager’s wishes and the duet, “Honeycomb,” becomes their biggest hit yet. After this unexpected success, they must make another decision: should they allow Daisy to join the band? The Six encounters tense relationships and broken friendships as they try to figure out how they should work together and make the best music they can.

Taylor Jenkins Reid’s writing is captivating. Her unusual and unique way of writing this book reels the reader in and entangles them in the web of the character’s mishaps and successes. As I was reading, I felt disappointed in character’s when they made mistakes and excited for them as their dreams came true. If you are searching for a book that will bring you right into the rock ‘n’ roll scene of the ‘70s, to a world filled with music, love, heartbreak, sunshine, bell bottoms, and parties, then this is the book for you. 

Review by Charlotte, Teen Reader