We Used to be Friends by Amy Spalding

A friendship breakup is a universal experience among children as they grow up. Many times these are harder than relationship breakups and affect so many aspects of a kid’s life. “We Used to be Friends” by Amy Spalding is about James and Kat, two childhoods that face many difficulties and a downfall in their senior year of high school. Spalding writes this book with alternative point of views so readers can feel every emotion of betrayal and insecurities that Kat and James feel. But James’ point of view goes backward in time, while Kat’s is going forward. This makes the book even more interesting and readers learn a lot more about the two. Kat is a popular outgoing student while James is more reserved and quiet, which already causes many differences in their lives, but once Kat gets a girlfriend for the first time James becomes jealous that she does not get as much time with her anymore. Both girls just broke up with their boyfriends, but Kat is beginning to question her sexuality which can be really hard for a person. And it makes it even harder that she doesn’t have James by her side. James is also going through major changes with her parent’s divorce but doesn’t open up to Kat when she needs to the most. Both girls may be heartbroken from their splits with their  boyfriends, but they learn that a friendship breakup is even more heart wrenching. “We used to be friends’ ‘ shows the reality of how other friends, relationships and family can deeply affect a friendship, which is cool because readers will really be able to relate to this book. There are not many books that focus on the hardships and reality of losing a friend instead of a partner. That makes this book really unique and definitely worth a read.

by YA Reviewer, Amy