The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

After her beloved sister Bailey’s sudden death, Lennie is lost. Bailey was her guiding light, and without her, she feels alone. She suddenly finds herself torn between Joe Fontaine, the musical, dreamy, new boy in town, and Bailey’s boyfriend, Toby, who shares her grief. Each of them help Lennie in different ways, but she knows that she cannot have them both. This story is more than just a romance, as it faces Lennie’s discovery of herself as a clarinetist, and just as an individual. As Lennie copes with her loss, she faces great love, big mistakes, and transcendent discoveries.

This book is appropriate for middle to high school students and does a phenomenal job of capturing the struggle of losing someone you love while also facing a different type of love, and finding how everything in your life fits into place. It’s also being made into a movie soon, so I would suggest reading the book before the movie comes out!

Review by Freya