Title: Chopsticks

Author: Jessica Anthony

Designer: Rodrigo Corral

Summary: Glory is a piano prodigy who lost her mother when she was young. Her father, a music teacher, has raised her to be the next big thing in classical music and she becomes famous for reinterpreting the classics by weaving in rock and roll and other whimsical songs, like her favorite, the famous Chopsticks waltz. When Frank Mendoza, an Argentinian boy with a talent for drawing, moves in next door he and Glory begin to fall in love  but things deteriorate rapidly when Glory’s father takes her on a world tour. Soon she is unable to perform anything but Chopsticks. Upon returning home Glory disappears…or does she?

This unique story – a sort-of graphic novel told entirely through pictures, IMs, newspaper clippings, letters, and other items – forces you to piece together the truth as you read. You learn about Glory’s childhood and Frank’s rebellious streak and as soon as you think you know where it is all heading, Chopsticks shifts direction. Even though the evidence is right in front of you, the ending will be a shock to your system. In fact, you’ll probably want to read it all over again from the beginning (just like I did!) to pick apart the clues you didn’t even know where there. Chopsticks, a collaboration between author Anthony and legendary book cover-and-graphic designer Corral, is a haunting puzzle that will stick with you for a long time.

Who will like this book?: People who like strange and quirky books. Anyone who likes a good mystery where the clues seem to be right in front of you the whole time. Romantic-types looking for a unique love story.

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Recommended by: Nicole, Teen Librarian